Sanitizatio/ Service 1

Disinfecting with drones (agricultural drones)


Monitoring / Service 2

Monitoring  with drones

(from a Spark to a Matrice)


Delivery / Service 3

Delivering goods such as food and medical equipment with drones

(Under development)


With help of agricultural drones sanitization is preformed using DUTRION tablets, which get dissolved in water.

The DUTRION® tablets that count with a solution of 0.2% of chlorine dioxide, comply with the sanitary requirements of the Official Mexican Norms “NOM-244-SSA1-2008”. These tablets can be used for domestic water treatments

Dutrion Tablets

Price: $200.00 MXN (box with 10 tablets)





Ourt equipment

We count with specialized equipment, pilots, field engineers and developers, capable of creating digital platforms to combat the COVID-19 virus.



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