Drone technology in our favor to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Mexico

The initiative “DRONES POR MEXICO VS COVID-19” raises the possibility of organizing ourselves as drone pilots of Mexico to become a specific tool to face this health crisis.

Drones are tools that help to perform many jobs more efficiently, quickly and without the risk of direct contact between people.

In this Pandemic what must be controlled is the contagion, so we use drone technology because they can be monitored remotely. These drones are remotely controlled by a pilot who remains at a safe distance.

The use of drones for this crisis will help us in different areas:

    • To patrol larger areas efficiently.
    • Provide information, alerts and communications through adapted speakers.
    • To be able to fight the coronavirus by spraying disinfectant in public spaces.
    • Handle crowds and identify sick people and possible carriers of the virus through thermal cameras.












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