Mexicans once again! Let’s join forces and fight COVID-19. Let’s use the drone technology as a tool to help do the work needed to fight the virus more efficiently, faster and without risk. Let’s save lives!

The spread of COVID-19 in the world has reached Mexico and the situation looks complex. Our public finances are not strong enough to take the measures that other governments have taken, and our health services do not seem to be up to the task if the problem expands to a similar magnitude as it has in other countries.

The initiative “DRONES POR MÉXICO VS COVID-19” raises the possibility of organizing and collaborating among us to face this health crisis.


Lines of action

  • Sanitization: and disinfection of public spaces with drones. More and more municipalities are asking us for help. Register your drone and we’ll link you to your municipality.
  • Social Patrolling: We will persuade itself people to stay home. We will inform you about the status of the pandemic and when we need to be given hope, we will also play encouraging messages on speakers, that will be mounted on the registered drones.
  • Delivery of supplies: With our great ally Hylio and a group of Mexican students and developers “Moving Up”, we are developing the technology as fast as possible to make it reach the whole country in an economic and expeditious way. We will be delivering with drones packages from 300g to 10kg.

Plan of action

stage 01

  • Filter drone pilots
  • Spraying equipment filters
  • Monitoring equipment filters



stage 02

  • Identify areas of affectation
  • Develop a delivery system
  • Local monitoring system



stage 03

  • Brigades by location



For more information, please contact us

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